Fear of Focus? An Entrepreneur's Dilemma


Clarity, Oh Clarity, Where Art Thou?

Ideas come swiftly for The Inspired One. Consistently. Sometimes obnoxiously. Each one jostling for a place in the space of Virtual Freedom. "Pick me! Pick me!"

Until The Rational One steps in. Makes lists. Prioritizes strengths. Calculates scalability. 

And yet... the battle rages.

 Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash.

The Support Team Expands

Side by side, The Contemplative One & the Arbitrating One step in.  Chiming together, "Don't you think you've already spent enough time and energy thinking this through?"


"It only takes one tiny breath to make the shift. One initial choice to begin."

"Noooooooo........!  I'm not ready."

"No worries," advises The Arbitrating One. "I'll decide for you. NIX EVERYTHING. You obviously aren't cut out for the self-directed life."

In a last ditch effort, The (formerly) Inspired One's eyes dart to The Contemplative One.

"Won't you please settle this endless stream of indecision? I need wisdom.  And I trust you.  You came through for me when I needed to process a  broken relationship and some tricky health issues.  We got through those horrible years together, didn't we? I know you have the answer."  

And Finally, A Solution. Sort of.

At precisely the last syllable and tone of The Inspired One's impassioned outflow. One tick before a hopeful inhale. The distracted entrepeneur remembers.  

Wisdom never arrives in the easy-peasy form of advice, steps, or benevolent decisions.  It always came in the form of a question.

What is it you fear about this moment that makes you want to plot and plan away the Magic of Now?
— The Present One

And just for a moment, fear of focus ceases.  But really...that's all our entrepreneur needs.  

One moment. Then another...and another.  

And if the moment goes astray? 

Check in with The Contemplative One. I guarantee, you will find exactly the right question to end your entrepreneur's dilemma.  Because how can future fear ever compare to the Magic of Now?