The Joy Connection: Learning to Scribble


Do you tend to color outside the lines? Think outside the box? Honor the true-you regardless of other people's opinions of your life?

To be sure, not many of us arrived on this planet as such. Free-spirited non-conformists ever at the edge of rebellion

But then again...maybe we did. What's more rebellious than an infant?

No rules or boundaries. No need for religious dogma or scientific facts.  And best of all, no guilt or undue stress in the absence of societal norms.  

Do you sometimes secretly wish to say the same?

It wasn't all folly for the wee ones, however.  For even you, as a babe, knew how to get things done. Mark things off your to do list. Like how to request food and nurturing. How to identify faces and emotions. And how to master language in unplanned bite-size chunks as nimbly as a tray full of Cheerios. 

And once the basics were in place? 

You found time for your true passion. Exploration. Creation.  Random artistic encounters with crayons, spaghetti sauce, and mango puree.  Call it rebellion if you like, but I call it intuition. Joy and wonder emerging one moment of awareness at a time...and one curiosity-fueled choice at a time.


But is there a place for such abandon in the adult world?

Ask any entrepreneur, artist, writer, or innovator. Intentional creativity as certified adults is a liberating act of joy. A connection to the scribbler within.  And strangely enough...a newfound connection to others.

Dependence on the creator within is really freedom from all other dependencies. Paradoxically, it is also the only route to real intimacy with other human beings.
— Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Will you play along with me today?  

Have you ever considered a return to this kind of innocence? Picking your own pathway, exploring each day as a new wonder...with only your senses to guide you.

Joy is sure to it not?  

But first perhaps, you will need to notice something that our infantile artist cares little about. Resistance. I find that writing the words of my inner SOF (Spoiler of Fun) in a journal softens them to a degree that we are able to exist in the same room without going to blows. 

Perhaps your own voice sounds something like this.

"This is foolishness.  Why bother pretending innocence. I'm an adult with responsibilities, time constraints. If we all did this, the world would be in chaos.  Everyone running around like squirrels in a wildfire, trying to find a new path.

Wouldn't it actually be easier if The Way was already intricately coded and dictated to all, beginning with the first breath of life?"


 Doesn't sound like living to me.  

And I speak from experience.  I tried the coded life...and it only worked for so long.  Then I woke up one day and said..

  • I think I'll start a blog.  
  • Which led me to clarify who I am through journal writing.
  • Which opened a new world of inner reflection and outward authenticity. 
  • Which sparked my choice to expand into visual creativity.
  • Which connected me to friends all around the world.

My current crush?  An online course with Nancy Hillis, StudioJourney. Where I am really cutting loose with my inner scribbler.  The one who is a quirky combination of scientist, artist, and writer.

The one with a joy connection...and a spare bedroom/art studio overflowing with the energy of freedom.  

PS It's not about art.  It's not about purpose.  It's about THE PROCESS.  For every scribble and scratch teaches me where my resistance lies. Joy is a funny thing.  It sometimes starts with pain.