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Me? Just another quantum wonderer & wanderer

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A writer by birth. An educator by profession. And an artist by surprise. 

Science nerd, nature lover, and literary brain picker. Happily tending six hens, one small black dog, and a weed-filled organic California garden (not that kind of weed)

A latecomer to the practice of self reflection. Because...why mess with research and logic if they're working?


And they did, until my unconsciously jam-packed schedule transformed into a mysterious decline in health and well-being. Years went by before I finally admitted that I was stuck.  

Pushing through life based solely on brain power just wasn't working anymore.

I guess I really meant it when I said, I'LL TRY ANYTHING! 

Because eventually I found myself at the corner of science and self-reflection. So weird.  How could I ever have predicted that me...the logical, rational, unemotional one..would end up entangling pens and paintbrushes with the invisible threads of the universe? 

In the interest of science, of course.

My results?  A more healthy, confident, authentic, and joyful me. And a bag full of tools to share.